Progress, again what is it?

More words? More social interaction? More attempts at trying?

Things we see visually maybe what we’d class as progress, stuff we don’t see everyday then it comes as a shock.

Yesterday I put the tree up, yes it’s early but who cares we live once right.

Z was so excited, as fast as I was attempting to open the branches out he was dancing around me saying ‘Christmas tree’, then ‘duck’ he was trying to stick the decoration on.

So after the lights were on I let him carry on, there’s a few I’ve stuck up the top as I didn’t want them damaged, but the rest he done. They are kind of grouped together and in lines, but I love it.

It looks a little bare so we’ve added some candy canes!

That’s progress, there’s a little language, there’s excitement and there’s wanting to join in. He wanted to decorate the tree, he’s learning that we can’t put everything on!

When I’m out and about now I’ll just buy a few more odd decorations there’s no colour scheme this year there’s no order this year but it’s decorated with progress .

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