Normally we see progress right in front of us, one minute you’re learning to do it the next you’ve gotten it.

I look at Z and see progress on a daily basis, I don’t always think oh this is progress right there because I’m with him all the time.

There’s progress when he’s naked and taking himself to the toilet, or saying pull them up after the toilet, we’ve not got it all together yet, if he’s fully dressed he’ll say toilet and I have to pull his bottoms down, but he’s learnt to pull them up. Progress right there.

Hot tub, he’ll now strip off and get in, this is progress from last year when he’d just get in fully clothed, he’s not progressed to getting his trunks on but I’ll take the dry clothes!

These are all small bits of progress, when I think back to when Z had his diagnosis he was a completely different child. We’ve had baby Z for so long. Being so small born he was a baby for a lot longer than most babies, we didn’t have the babbling but was walking so we had a bigger baby. He started school still in nappies and no speech again a baby thing.

A photo for insta stories, fish and chips by the beach and Z in the sea. Now going back last year I’d never have risked this. To be fair if I’d have thought this in March I’d have backed out.

Yesterday he ran about in the sea and I ate my food. He’s learnt now that he doesn’t go all the way in, he comes back and can go again. Progress. He’s more aware of his surroundings and doesn’t like to leave your hand go when walking anywhere, where as before he’d just run off. I call it progress or is it learnt behaviour?

Learnt behaviour is feeding things right? He tried feeding the frog an acorn saying ‘ yum yum’.

All small little steps that see him progressing more now into a big pre schooler. We’re over the baby and toddler stage at age six. Here’s to the next six years of progress.

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