These last few weeks Z have progressed loads. I thought as one post I’ll try and make a note. These are all little things, to some people it would be a that’s progress? To me these are huge! So in no particular order he’s learnt, to get out of his cot, and sleep in a toddler bed with only falling out around once a night! Learnt to open doors, yes this isn’t the best one! He’s learnt to walk down the steps holding a rail, sometimes when he feels like it. He’s made loads of connections this past few weeks, some good some not. I can take him swimming and he’s getting the idea of how to swim but knows afterwards it’s shower time and screams. He knows different buildings, the first time we went to kids fit he was ok, think the second time he screamed, now he runs in. 
 He will take his jacket off if he don’t want it on, and knows that his toilet seat ( he still don’t know what it’s for!) goes on the toilet. 
He shows love and affection to E! He actually took her hand to catch it.  
Again this hand catching is nothing to some but to Z it’s huge.
 These are all little things he’s learnt these past few weeks and or months, there’s certain people he recognises now, and will smile. 
 I love watching him try and work things out, how certain things work. Yesterday he was watching E spin on the Zebra he watched her feet, I’m sure he’ll get what he’s supposed to do.  I’m looking forward to the next few months and seeing what he will learn to do! 

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