Life as we know it has changed till who knows.

There’s been many things I’ve wanted to get done or finished and I haven’t because truthfully, life’s to short and you can make so many excuses. It’s a nice day let’s head to the beach instead.

Week one is half way over, I’ve been self isolating with a runny nose, cough, sore throat, aches and tiredness. We blame other things, I’m run down, x had it a few weeks back but realistically we don’t know what we have so I’ve not left the front door. As hard as it’s been I can’t risk passing anything on just incase it is covid -19, chances I’d have thought are low but who knows. Today I’m feeling much better.

This week we’ve gone slow, Z has been great, he’s taken me to the front door a few times but he doesn’t understand that everything is closed.

We’ve done a few mark making exercises, we’ve cut out and done some sticking, we’ve planted some sunflowers and hopefully we will watch them grow.

Seeds need to be watered.

Z’s been a little feral in the garden, but he’s enjoying himself, he has his iPad, he’s giving it up to be charged and isn’t really kicking off when it dies. He’s putting it down to do activities, he’s spending time in the hot tub.

If we don’t do work I’m not worried, if we do it’s a bonus, we could be at this for months. Let’s not burn out straight away!

It’s looking at all the jobs that need to be done and getting them done, hopefully!

If you’re still working through this madness thank you, if your not working please stay at home, stay safe and look after everyone else.

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