We were invited * to the sen session of Red at Wales millennium centre. Z knows now what’s here and was running ahead, he was saying ‘I like to move it move it’, unlucky mate different showing!

When we got there the doors were closed they were setting up, Z was really excited but of course couldn’t get in so was having a little meltdown, but when we got in he was fine.

He went in loud and half upset, we sat down opened crisps and the cast came over to speak to us. He was asked to be a carrier pigeon, Yes Z, a non verbal screaming right now kid. I reluctantly took the package thinking he’ll never do it. Hazel was lovely, she wasn’t phased that Z wasn’t answering her back and kept speaking to him like a normal seven year old.

The cast, likely story is a Cardiff based theatre company, Connor, Hazel and Ellen were full of enthusiasm, it must be hard as actors to keep to the story when you have screams, banging and random talking during the performance but they really didn’t seem to notice. Everyone could be them selves and were not judged, as a parent this opportunity is brilliant.

The show was great, I really enjoyed it and I think Z did too.

He was laughing at bits I wasn’t expecting him to laugh at and he loved the dancing.

Red tells the tale of Jones and Grimsby who are postal workers delivering gifts on Christmas Eve, the last gift off all is to the cottage in the woods. The place that was forgotten because a little girl had once entered and never returned, thought to have been eaten by wolves, the wolves were destroyed and the woods left.

When they enter the woods they meet peter, who is waiting on his friend to return.

We then get taken on a magical imaginary journey through the woods, going through slime, meeting an aerobic teaching spider and some singing dream beavers.

They had the audience laughing, getting involved making pigeon sounds and howling like wolves, and Z even gave the parcel to Jones, who was ever so patient waiting on him whilst he collected all the parcels before handing them back over and walking to me with a huge grin on his face.

To have a sen session is brilliant, it gives Z and others like him an opportunity to enjoy these shows to stray off the path to find the forgotten stories with Grandma Red. A huge thanks to Wales Millennium Centre for putting on sen shows, and to Likely story for showing Red, there are also a few showings that are signed too. I love the inclusiveness for all.

Red is showing at Wales Millennium Centre until 29th December. Tickets start at £10.

* I was gifted my tickets in exchange for an honest review, thoughts are my own.

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