When you look back at photos and see how advanced in certain areas Z was.

When M was down on the weekend and they were spelling, it took me back to my mates wedding when Z was of similar age, he was doing his number bonds to 100 and could spell lots of words like alligator and a little boy the same age was just lining letters. M ok the weekend was just lining them up, the same as the little boy in the wedding.

At 3 I just didn’t realise how clever Z was for his age. Of course I knew he was doing things that were advanced but not really knowing how advanced. When he was again 2-3 and was starting off at 26 pieces by 3 was on 100. He progressed quickly. Then just like that he stopped. Then he started again at around 5 and was completing 250 then just stopped. I’m not sure if he can still do them, I’m pretty sure he can!

Again when he was 2 he was holding a pen with pincer grip, he never had the tripod grip, but now I don’t think he can do the pincer grip. Is it because I didn’t keep this up with him? He went to school and was mark making using his hands and instruments has he forgotten or just can’t be bothered.

When he goes through mental leaps we loose sleep, these tend to be in three week blocks, the first thing to go is sleep. These last few weeks we’ve lost sleep, also before the three weeks of sleep we had more poo accidents than we have in a long time, then sleep.

Now I’m not sure where we’ve made progress altogether now, I’d say speech is a big one but so is communication without spoken language. His use of pecs, yet during these last three weeks this was stopped too. He’s starting again now.

So when he regresses we see a progress at the end. This last week he’s remembering and doing things that he used to do or play at around age 3, now he’s adding the words to them. He’s like an elephant he’s not forgetting!

He’s made so much progress in this last year never mind since the 3 year old who was a little whizz! There’s videos of him doing maths to 10, so 1 + 4 = and he’s sliding 5 there but I’m not sure if he can do that now? I think he knows the answer but doesn’t know how to get his answers out there.

As for his reading, his new reading book I’ll struggle more than him!

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