What is regression in regards to autism? I’m used to things starting and stopping and picking back up.

Since September I’ve been struggling with Z’s behaviour. I didn’t know why. In January I had a school meeting, he’s still the same. I get they have to collect data and find a trigger see if there’s any patterns to behaviour and yes this takes time.

Yesterday I collected him for the dentist I was told he was upset for around 15/20 minutes, but it’s ok because it’s not as long as normal. As a parent you don’t want to hear at seven your child is upset at school when he’s never been upset before. He can’t tell me anything all he can do his change his behaviour. At the moment from the little data school think it’s an escape behaviour. That’s heartbreaking that Z is hitting and lashing out and now biting to escape something. It’s also not fair on his classmates to witness this. He’s no angel I’m not saying that but, these behaviours are new, well now six months old and I think he’s trying to tell me something.

This last few weeks he’s stopped using words. There’s not even a whisper. Is his behaviour at school having a knock on effect to his words at home?

Next week is half term, this is when we normally see an increase in spoken language. I just hope those few words like toast chips and hot tub come back. I’m also hoping the fighting to leave the house will go away because I won’t be fighting him for school .

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