Going back last year I wrote this about respite, things have slightly changed, I’m not so nervous any more.

The last year Z’s has gone with his pa and loves it. He goes to different soft plays, McDonald’s and orders his own food, well pays! He’s been swimming, library, park, splash pad, the beach and a train. This week he done something new. He went to a normal cinema showing.

I’ve been taking him once a month, we’ve not made every month and he’s doing well. The first time we took his buggy, second time he ran about and now he sits for most of it. He’s not ready to do a two hour film but we’re getting there.

For us respite has taught him new things, new experiences and of course a little independence.

For me it’s taught me he needs some time away from me, some time having fun not just in school. The first time M came to collect him he ran up the stairs, now he waits by the door excitedly.

It gives that few hours to stop, have a tidy up, eat and calm myself back down, more so after a particularly demanding week! During the holidays he gets eight hours, we add on our two from the week to our six so he gets two four hours out, one morning one afternoon.

Now I’d be lost without respite, on those days when he’s not gone to bed till late and has been up early I’ll be waving him away with a big smile on my face!

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