When you say you’re having respite, other Sen families get it straight off, others not so much. You kinda get looked at as if to say well I manage alone, or really, you wanted a kid you should be looking after them! I know that’s what I would have said pre Autism days!
I never wanted to leave Z with anyone, I still won’t. I’ll only really ask someone to have him if stuck. Then there’s only certain people who I’d leave him with anyways.
But for some families respite is really the only chance they have to maybe do nothing, to clean or even sleep, to head to the doctors or meet with a friend for a coffee. I know the first time Z went I was Ill, I slept. I was so relived to be able to sleep.
Second time I had a clean third time I went out!
After the week we’ve had this week I think he was relieved to be going out with his pa tonight. It’s only 1.5 hours a week ideally for me to go to Nordic Walking, last week I headed to the theatre and tonight I’m doing nothing! I’m going to eat food in peace and not on the stairs, I’m going to put my washing to dry and then the 1.5 hours will be gone it’s not like it’s an Day and half! I’ve spent today cleaning so I can sit and do nothing before picking him up and going to soft play!
Luckily his pa will take him anywhere and do anything, today they are going to enjoy a hot tub! What a life right…..
But for me the 1.5 hours are enough to stop, think and reset for when I get him back!

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