This time next week Z would have done his first day back.

Apart from the stripping and the bed refusal it’s not been a bad six weeks.

Maybe this year were a little more relaxed that he’s going back with the same teacher, staff and classroom. As a parent this is less worry everyone knows him and knows what to expect of him. ( maybe not the stripping!) so please staff he’s all yours nothing to do with me I’ve struggled all holidays keeping clothes on him! He’s become quite independent in going to the toilet alone, he doesn’t request toilet any more he takes himself, he comes out naked so don’t say I didn’t warn you, ( and he’s not learnt to wipe his bum!) but it’s a small step to independence.

Please don’t go easy on him because you’ve had him for a year if anything go a little harder.

Make him really work for what he wants he can do it and these holidays he’s really tried to communicate. Ok, he can’t write but he can spell, he can search YouTube with spaces and if he can’t quite find what he’s looking for he will take my finger and tell me what he wants,

He’s gone lazy with his pecs, since I was told not to encourage him he seems to have stopped trying he’ll put the ‘I want, ipad’ but not really say it. Yet will say iPad, when he wants it. He gave verbally requested ‘dinosaurs’ and ‘nest’ to build them. I know he can say what he wants and he understands quite a lot.

Give him lots of chance to spell, ( if you need letters I’ll buy him some!) then google the ones that don’t make sense, they do they are just in French or Spanish or Italian or Swedish or any other language.

The holidays have gone very quickly I think. Week one always goes in a blur but we’ve accomplished quite a lot. Not that he can sit and tell you! But he can say shell ( we’ve collected many) and fire ( we made one) and he knows it’s hot.

I’ve learnt a lot off him these past six weeks. I may miss him a little bit but he’s all yours I’m sure he’s missed you. He’s tried initiating play with the pooch by spitting water at him, good luck children in the pool, that’s of course if he’ll put trunks on for swimming.

Academically, maybe as his mother I could have done more with him, but we’ve been busy exploring beaches and eating chips, flying kites, having fun and not getting much sleep. That’s what the school holidays are for right? I’m more than happy for homework term time that’s not a problem!

Also this holidays I think he’s made some friends! He will say ola to quite a few names, kenny, Rita, Mickey and Dorris are a few I remember . He will laugh and say ‘tickle tickle’ and please don’t be alarmed when he says ‘sorry ghost, you’re dead, search light!’ I’m embracing it, if these guys are helping him use his words he can talk to them all day long!

So, you should all be refreshed after your six weeks off and raring to go. Don’t give in to him this year, push him as much as you can and don’t be afraid to do so. He’s no longer my baby or my toddler but he’s my little boy, he’s growing up very quickly and I’m so proud of how much progress he’s making. Here’s too year two, or what should be year two, here’s too another year, same class, same staff and most of the same children! Only seven weeks to go!

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