Cuddles the bear is back from school this weekend. 
Meaning we have to go off on some adventures!
On Friday he stayed home with me to watch the rugby while Z had a sleepover and nan and grampas! 
Saturday we visited the sand dunes in Merthyr Mawr with J and E, And what an adventure it was! We had attempted this place before and J nervously told me not to drive down the narrow road that actually leads to the car park. 
This weekend we got there.
Z’s face was brilliant he loved it, to see all that sand he was in sensory heaven and I think he could have happily stayed there all day. But we went off on search of the sea. We walked and walked and walked some more, but we made a rookie mistake and left the drinks and snacks in the car. We had walked to far to go back for them so continued on our walk! 

Yes, we walked to the end of this picture!

We got to the actual dunes and at this point Z refused to walk, I could not get him any further, he was happy to play in the sand. We could see Ogmore to our left, so we knew the sea couldn’t be much further. 

They were happy sitting here, they didn’t want to move. I kept getting ‘tired’ of Z, kept trying to climb on to my back and was sounding like ‘carry’. But they both walked back, Z saying ‘car’ so he knew that’s where we were off! 

I think Cuddles enjoyed his day at the sand dunes! Shame it was such a far walk to the sea, next time we’ll be much more prepared and we’ll get there! 
On the way home we stopped at Aberavon, this was mainly for a Burger King as we were starving by this point, and for Z to splash in the sea and E to play in a park. That’s what she asked for after telling us ‘ I never ever want to come back here again’! 

Luckily for me the tide was coming in so we really didn’t have far to walk! 

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