Tomorrow Z starts school, what will I do without my little guy under my feet? 
I’m lucky I know what to expect from school as he’s been part time for three terms. 
I don’t have any of the nervous feelings towards transport as I know the driver is me, and my escort is good too. I just have the first day nerves of meeting new children. What if they don’t like us? 
I’m sure Z will be happy walking in with the teachers, he’ll be eager to get back in to school. Bet he’s wondering why he’s not been in ages! Other than a new teacher and new children in his class it will be the same, he’ll have fun. 
I know the teachers will look after him, they’ll give him tickles and let him run about outside when he needs it. He’s obviously not used to being there all day so it will be strange for him, but he knows I’ll be there on the bus after school waiting for him with his drink. It’s going to be a new thing for both of us, and I’m sure he’ll have more fun than me! 
Now if I had put him at mainstream I think I’d be nervous, he would have to settle quickly it’s nursery now, some serious learning has to go on! Yet again I know I’ve made the correct choice in school. He’s lucky enough to go swimming, to jump in puddles, to play and explore. 
So tonight Z, as your uniform is ironed, your bag is packed, it’ll come home with your home link tomorrow, your pack lunch is sorted, you have new trainers for school, your teachers will thank me that this time they are Velcro! You’ve been bathed, fed and watered, now you just need sleep. My alarm is all set. In theory when you wake you’ll be ready for your new adventure, one where I won’t be there to catch your hand, to watch what your doing, to take you to new places, that will be on you now. I know you will be fine, you will thrive in full time school. You will continue to wrap everyone around your little finger with your babbling, the shake of your head to say no, and that cheeky smile. Wait till they hear you say ‘George’ I’m sure they’ll use that to their full advantage and before long you’ll be chatting away.  
Now we start our new chapter, I’m excited to see where it leads! 

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