When you have a phone call from the school to say your son has diarrhoea can he be collected please. He’s been home since 2pm not a poo in sight never mind runny ones! 
Think that’s the problem with a child that can’t talk. I personally do not think there is anything wrong with him. He just happened to get up 10 minutes later than normal which meant his morning poo went 10 minutes later meaning he done it on the bus and was sitting it it, yuck! 
Now he has to stay off until Monday. I feel this maybe slightly unfair when I have him jumping around my living room and laughing and giggling! 
I’ll use tomorrow as a Mam and son day and may head to IKEA, it’ll be quieter during the day and we’ll grab some lunch! Think Friday he can go back to school if he don’t have a poo before hand! 
I know the school has to send sick children home, but in this case Z isn’t sick! 
He’s currently listening to we wish you a merry Christmas on repeat so I’m guessing this is something they are already practicing their school concert as he seems to recognise it! 
On the plus side he ate an apple on his way home from school! 
Then proceeded to play with his letters, he’s starting to make sentences I’m not saying they all make sense but he’s having a very good go. I love the little dog at the top! 

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