The holidays are nearly over, it’s Friday it means today is the last day right?! 
We have a party to attend at 10.30 then nothing planned. 
As I’m sitting here thinking of back  to normal Tuesday and school, it got me thinking . When I say Z loves school and when we’re on holidays he’s a nightmare with sleep, I’ve wondered this time if it’s separation anxiety, we can’t leave the room and he’s following us. But it’s just dawned on me what if it’s not us he misses but his teachers. He spends most of his days with them, then he don’t see them, can he comprehend that it’s only two weeks, what if he’s worried that he don’t go back there, last Christmas he left crèche and started school, I have no idea what he can remember. I know he can remember things, like when we visited my sister he was two when we went back the year later he knew which steps to her flat, I didn’t. I’ve seen a a blog post of a little boy who uses Google street maps, this is what got me thinking. I wonder if he’s pulled his allnighter Wednesday night and crying more this holidays because of what happened last year? Does he think that he’s not going back to school the place he obviously loves ? It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case. It would be very impressive if it was! 
Maybe I’m overlooking things and it really is as simple as out of routine and too much Christmas stimulation too much sensory overload, or even Olaf on his bedding. 
Anyway here’s to Tuesday and 2017 

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