Last night we were invited * to see Sherlock Holmes: The Final Curtain at New Theatre Cardiff.
For the first time ( we won’t count Ben and Holly!) I took my husband. He enjoys Sherlock do thought I’d be nice! We dropped Z off at Nans and got some food.
Was nice to get in to the theatre nice and cool with the air con on munching our revels !
For the first time I’ve never seen any thing on the stage just the curtain.
When it started the curtain went back and we we greeted with a man on the radio.
Every new scene would change by just closing the curtain and opening it to reveal the new scene. It was basic but worked really well.
Robert Powell played Sherlock, my husband was quite excited about this! Liza Goddard played Mary ( now I vaguely remember woof!) and Timothy Knightley who played Dr Watson.
We met Sherlock when he helped with a murder, and Mary shortly after when she visited the home he had on the beach.
She had tracked him down to ask to go back to the lodgings at 221B Baker Street, he shared years ago to help her as she had seen the spirit of her dead son. He said no, but we did meet Watson when Sherlock went back. He couldn’t not go back and solve the mystery! He was getting on and felt that he was now and easy target for his enemies.
The radio guy was actually Dr Watson telling the story, which I thought was quite clever!
When crime meets spirits I wasn’t too sure how it was going to go, but I really enjoyed it and my husband did too.
Sherlock Holmes : The final Curtain is showing at New Theatre until 30th June 2018
*I was gifted my tickets in exchange for a review

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