When we were visiting my sister she said take a look and see what you fancy, that’s when I said about the boat ride.

We were sitting there one day and she said oh I know of a place Z will love, it has random opening hours as it’s a community run place, we had around an hour. That hour could quite possibly have been Z best hour! ( apart from the boat I think!)

We turns up and Z runs . Of course he’s going to run there’s a huge wooden wobbly bridge and a tree to climb.

I lost him.

I found him but now how to get to him!

What a park. If Z was a local I wouldn’t have had to follow his every move, in all fairness he got stuck up a climbing thing and some kids got him down for Me, they were all very friendly.

The park was free to go in, honestly I wouldn’t have minded paying to get in! There was a huge fence so Z couldn’t escape not that I think he’d need to.

So much there was from natural materials a tree branch to climb, the rest looked like it was re purposed, a tyre with a trampoline in, tyres for swings, sand bags for swings was the best idea I’ve ever seen. These were held up with hgv ties. Amazing.

I have told everyone about this place. It gave the child a place to be a child. To run, to jump, to swing to use their imaginations, there was a small mid kitchen area that my niece loved!

You could also borrow some trikes and scooters and some roller skates. How many parks do you know that does that?

There were a few animals there and a greenhouse, not that I saw any of those. My sister said they also had a cafe on site, it’s a shame we’d not been before because I would have gone back that same week. I’m kinda jealous that my sister lives so close and can go there any time.

What I loved was the fact of community spirit, children picking up litter, putting the cleaner around as it was time to leave, children who looked like they had been care free children just a few moments ago, but who were responsible enough to help out and keep the place going. I wish we had that kind of community spirt local.

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