For those that’s been following us in the search for Z’s iPad and phones many times. It’s like a little game of hide and seek. The phone gets posted in very random places such as behind radiators and down beds, his recent one has been out the bedroom window .

I asked over on my fb page how do I stop this. Was there a way to find phones when the battery was dead. We’d stuck tiles on them that would been but he’d remove them.

I was told about shortcuts on a apple device and it’s changed our lives! we’re not playing hide and seek so often and Z is learning to hand them or something they get launched at us to us to charge. His iPad at 20% battery life sends a message to both me and his dad. We know that shortly the battery will die and we need to try and change it before this happens, iPads tend to be easier to find. His phone at 10% shows up on screen need to charge battery, battery Low.

This seems to help him with the fact we are not taking them away from him. Sometimes he’ll sit with them plugged in others he won’t but that’s another problem that we can work on when we have the devices and not hunting for them! 



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