On Friday Z got sent home from school with a bug. I kept him home today just to make sure he was fully over it. Even though I’m not fully convinced it’s not all a bug and it’s because he’s been eating lots of gluten again. So this weekend it’s been back to gluten free food. 
So the husband had to work later today so went in later, meaning he was here this morning when Z got up. Change one. 
We can deal with one change, we dropped him off at work and went to feed the ducks. 

We walked once around the lake, and headed home for diner. Keep diner the same as school some sort of routine. 
I made him sandwiches and by that point he was flat out sleeping! 
Had to wake him to go to nans for me to go to work.  Change two! 
Brought him home and had nan, nan, nan, think he must have thought we were on a weekend and he was stopping. 
He came in and looked for Dad, change three, dad wasn’t upstairs he was at work. This was too much for Z to handle. He cried and cried. He went back and looked for dad. He ate some chips and pizza and calmed down after throwing everything on the floor. 
I thought a few changes would be ok, but no, he really struggled. 
He seems to be ok with holidays, or inset days. So it has to be so many changes. 
When we picked dad up from work he had the biggest smile. One KFC stop later and dad’s chips he’s taken him upstairs, where he belongs! 
He’s been fine today so he’s off to school tomorrow, back to routine. 

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