I should have been at work today. It’s the first time I think I’ve ever phoned in sick.
Z spent the night down nans last night, as I was working today, 11am pick up, I didn’t have a drink, J and I were sensible in getting a KFC,      ( ok, yes, I admit, diet went out of the window!) and playing monopoly, not the serious, competitive one, but the Disney one. Again, yea I know we’re grown adults, but do we have anything better to do on a Friday night? Nope! Julie’s mate popped by and we all played monopoly together. I won of course! But listen to J I conned them all. I didn’t! As a game of monopoly goes it turned into a long night. Just leaving and forgot to inform J of some things so back in, before I knew it, 12am, yikes home! Straight to bed near enough, that’s the fun of going to your mates in pjs! A call at 2.30 to say Z had been sick. I don’t mind, if he’s not well home is the best place right? So for the rest of the night I was listening out for more sick, luckily it didn’t come! Phew. But 6am some drunken idiots were shouting, dogs are barking and who wakes up other than me Z!
He wouldn’t drink anything this morning or eat. Temp was fine, so a bit of a cwtch on the settee and iPad time. He did drink some water at 9. I rang to say I won’t be in work, other than being really tired I didn’t want to leave Z if he wasn’t well. As it is, after a three hour nap he seems fine. Still yawning but fine. So now I’ll pop out and get a few odds and ends I was going to get at 9. Hope it’s not too busy for a Saturday afternoon.

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