Ok, so I’m not normally one to watch TV documentaries, but this being filmed in my home town it had to be watched. Should I now edit out the part when I say I’m from the valleys?
This in ways was funny, yes, there’s people like that out there, but then there’s the same for every town or city. Why do we get the bad reputation all the time.
There are the drug taking people here, yea, isn’t there every where? Bet you go over the mountain and you’ll find the same. Go further afield to Ponty, bet there’s areas the same there, same as Cardiff. So why do the valleys get picked on?
I’ve worked abroad and I always loved coming back home. We have outstanding scenery which we all take for granted. We have history.  We have the same as every other town and city up and down the U.K. You make the most of what you have.
There’s no jobs, there’s people coming in and taking our jobs, no you’re too lazy to get a job. Why get a job when you are most probably better off than the people who work one or two jobs.
So, five  of my favourite things about the valleys!
• The scenery, the Brecon Beacons are fab.                         • The outdoor space                • The friendly people.               • The history, how many people can honestly say they have a castle in their local park?                                       • And last my family and friends.
So, before you all take skints bad word about The valleys, come take a look! You’ll be surprised at what you’ll see!

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