When we got home after the school run today and Z came and gave me a huge cwtch all I could smell on his little head  was perfume. 
I was ok with this. At least I know he’s being looked after. He’s getting lots of cwtches, this could be because he wanted them or even because he was upset. 
At least he’s not being left crying if that was the reason! I’m glad he feels safe enough with other people, it could have been a mixture of all the women teachers who knows ! 
I’d much rather that than knowing he’s being left alone. He’s getting his sensory pressure throughout the day which is great if he’s getting it from being hugged tightly or even tickled he happy. He’ll happily walk into school with any one and not give me a second glance, I’d rather him be this way and feel secure enough than to be peeling him off me kicking and screaming. The other day as I was waiting to go into school he past me, walking along with his teacher he didn’t even see me, or if he did he pretended not to incase I took him home. Part of me thinks I should have been upset, maybe that tiny bit of me was, but I was happy he was happy enough to not even think I’d be there if that makes sense.
As the saying goes as long as the children are happy the parents are too, this is right for me. 

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