We’ve had a little bit more snow! It’s no where near as deep as last time, but I’m guessing last time it snowed on the weekend so school didn’t really matter.
This time it was your typical snow day, it snowed, it froze, everywhere was extremely Icy that equals no school!
Z for one was glad of no school, he was dragging me to the door at 8.30!
It was get him dressed and out the back where I knew he was safe, got me dressed had a bit of a tidy up and meet B and B for lunch. Z now associates a hat with snow, he’ll wear one to go to play but the moment he’s in it’s off.

After lunch we had a quick look around the shops, and then headed to the Garwnant, thought being in the mountains it would have a little more snow than it did!
The park was quiet, no one in there so the boys had it to themselves. It was cold! I was saying I should have worn a hat and forgot there was one in the car!
There wasn’t a lot of snow in the park, but enough for Z to crawl through!
I do love the snow and so glad Z likes it too. I really really need to take him to a ski resort I’m thinking he’d have a ball. He just runs and dives into the snow, all the time laughing.
He was gutted last time it all went! There was a small patch on the mountain opposite and I always remember as a kid my grampa telling me that there’s snow on the mountain there’s still more snow to come. Yet again he was correct! The bit of snow that hung around for two weeks was in the same spot that it always hung around in, this time I’ll be keeping another eye and see if it melts with the rest of it or if we will have at least one more snow day over Easter!

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