This weekend we had snow!
Quite a bit to be fair.
How was Z going to cope with snow, every where covered in this cold wet stuff? He’s seen snow before but that was when he was younger and it wasn’t much, this in comparison was deep!

We used the inflatable sleigh and went for a walk, ok I dragged him and he lay down but I think he had lots of fun.

Yes we’ll trade the pooch for a husky!!At first he didn’t want to keep on his gloves but soon learnt that the snow was cold!
We played in the park and ran around, we cleared the railing of snow and got dragged back home!

We stopped by Nan and grampas and grampa dragged him about too!
How he’s going to be when it all melts I’m unsure as last night he was awake quite a bit and every time he was running to look out the window.

This morning we made the most of the snow, we played in the garden and the pooch played too!
Now it’s time for a nice warm bath and pjs! Yes even though it’s not quite 4pm!

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