When the snow was forecast and the school was closed there was no snow just howling wind.
Fast forward a few hours and some places were white others patchy. The front garden was over Z’s head in some places, yet the back parts were clear.
I wasn’t sure on what he would think of the deep snow, we had some a few weeks back that he loved but nowhere near as deep as this time.
He loved it!
He didn’t want to come in and we were out there before 8!
where ever he went the pooch went too!
We went for a walk and he was sliding, crawling and jumping the entire time laughing. He was looking down the holes, he was digging away at snow he was interested , curious and happy that’s progress right there!

We went to the park with B and B where lots of it was clear but had to get to it first! He learnt early on that if he crawled across it he wouldn’t get stuck!
Tomorrow is back to normal, schools are back, and the snow is slowly melting away. Z will be gutted.

We may not have had the same snow days as most when they head out sledging, home to a film and hit chocolate but we had fun in the only way Z knows how to. I’m impressed not only did he keep his gloves on he also kept a hat and scarf too. This is progress!
Everyone will be wishing it all away, praying for summer, us here if we can have more snow and extend the winter I’ll take it! We’ve had a blast!

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