Even though it’s Thursday and it’s normally swimming day, as we didn’t go to soft play Tuesday we went this morning instead. Was a bit busier than normal with a playgroup party there but not too busy. There was a lady, she was playing with two young boys, Z took to her. He kept taking her by the hand into the balls, he kept taking her hand to tickle his feet, and she done it. She didn’t walk away from him, didn’t look down at him, or leave him she interacted with him. She didn’t have to but she did. She took a few minutes out of her day to spend playing with Z. Z had a huge smile on his face the entire time. I’ve never seen him interact with another adult like that before other than portage. This lady had similar features to portage, but different hair style and colour. Maybe that was a coincidence and he just took to her for what ever reason, but I want to say thanks. Thanks for playing with Z, for letting him take your hand, and for talking to him. 
IKEA! Different story! We had to go down to collect a missing piece off Z’s new bed, we wasn’t going to look around, we’d only end up getting stuff we didn’t need! We stopped and got some fries and a drink. We sat, Z stood and screamed, and screeched whilst eating his fries, not in a mood scream just in a I’m talking to all of you mood. One guy in the lift didn’t even so much as look at him. As we were sitting eating fries, I had finished mine that’s how long we had been there, two girls say behind us, Z was standing and screeching, the looks we had, well if looks could have killed we’d all be gone, Z for screeching in the first place and G and myself for obviously allowing him to stand and screech! So very loudly I said come on Z sit in the trolley and eat your fries, someone doesn’t like it that your trying to talk to them, whilst looking at them. We went and got him ice cream, then stood and fed Z whilst looking at them. At this point Z tried to take off his jacket, the Tshirt he had on was so appropriate. 
As we were waiting on the lift  G looked at them and in a loud voice said well I hope they don’t have any children, never mind a child with autism that don’t talk yet. 
It’s mad how you can meet so many different people and how they can be so different to one another. I’d much rather we met the lady from soft play again! 

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