I love trying to find out new places that Z likes. Sometimes we go places and never go back. Sometimes we go places and have to leave, which is annoying.
Today we were invited to Dizzy Kidz play centre in Tredegar. We’re lucky it’s less than 10 minutes away so really easy to pop by after school. Our local one is closed so we’ve not been to soft play for a while.
We parked and Z couldn’t wait to get in.
Shoes off and away he ran, him and his little buddy R.
Sitting down what I noticed first other than fire exits as a parent of a child with autism these are always top of lists, was how clean it was, everything looked clean. Best part was I even had white socks on new white ones as i couldn’t find any so put on a pair of Z’s! Anyways they were still white coming out! How impressive is that for a soft play place with lots of grubby kids about!
It’s not a huge play centre but there’s enough to keep children occupied, from your wavy slide that you can race your friends down, to the trampoline, ball pit, bridge and plastic tube that you can see all the parents sitting down.

Z and R seemed to really enjoy it in the tube, there were a few balls in there and watching them from the bottom throwing the balls about was like the end part of the crystal maze!
Z and R ran about, they bounced, they jumped and both seemed to be having a fab time.
Z did open the fire door after using the toilet, but it was alarmed which again from a autism safety point this was great, even though I was with him. Just the added extra security that if he did happen to open without me seeing the alarm would sound and straight away I’d know it was Z!

Like all soft plays there’s a toddler section, does say under 3’s but the boys had a little go in there it was quiet enough and had a little roundabout type thing in there that they both loved well come on its spins! They also loved the rainmaker and the xylophone .

In think Z favourite part was the ball on the rope, and of course with his best friend to push him along even better!

Thank you Dizzy kids for having us, we’ll definitely be back over the holidays!

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