It’s been a good day today, Z didn’t wake till 8 we went to the pool party that Nas M organised and Z enjoyed, we got home and spent the evening in the garden.  
Put him to bed at 8.00 like normal, he ran around pulled his clothes out which I think is becoming somewhat of a routine. He finally gave in at 9.00 and went to sleep. 
Two hours later and he wakes screaming. At first when I went in thought he had fallen out of bed, picks him up and puts him back into bed. But the kicking and screaming start, so does he have wind? The kicking and squirming tells me yes, but the Instant stop when I play monkeys jumping on the bed tell me no as he stops. So is it his ears? Did the 5 days of antibiotics clear the infection in both ears? He’s been fine all day, his nose hasn’t stopped running. At first cwtching him in really tight worked, until my arms went dead and I released the pressure, screaming again. So after an hour I’ve given in and gave him nurofen, he’s still grumping in his sleep, but that maybe because now he’s laying in bed with me, and the light is on to give him nurofen. 
 I hate not being able to help him, not knowing is he in pain and where, did he have a scary dream? There’s only so much holding he’ll accept. He’s not got a temperature he’s now just tired. It’s nights like these I wish he could talk. 
He’s smack bang laying I the middle of the bed, no room for anyone else! This could be a long old night, I’m glad there’s no schools tomorrow. 

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