What a lovely day to start the new week. Z had the last session in this block of speech. He mastered the pecs. He took them off the little sticky file, he gave 9 out of 10 the correct card, in return for what he wanted. Now he needs to learn to work with them at home. So I’ll have to go and get some more made up! The other lot have been crumbled, posted, chewed and lost! 
 As it’s been a lovely day, after speech we met with my nan and headed to Barry Island. We got there for around 4pm so was lovely and quiet. Z was so good. He walked the Main Street, he ran on the beach and went and splashed in the sea, in his wellies. 

At first he didn’t want to go any where near the sea, he kept turning back, I picked him up and put him in and said splash splash. Like he does in the puddles. He was so excited. He jumped, he screeched, he hand flapped and even done a little bum wiggling. No he wasn’t doing all this from the wind! It really wasn’t cold. 
We walked back up and sat and had some chips, at first he wouldn’t even try one, but he did and then they were gone. A little walk to the fair, more so for a little nose as to what have been done down there. It was really nice, you can see they are working on much more. Can’t wait to go back. 
He even played ball, ok, the ball kept rolling and he kept chasing! 
The fresh sea air and the running around my little man is fast asleep! 

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