Today we headed to ikea to get a few odds and ends, we love ikea and if I could have an ikea house I would! As we’ve been to ikea so many times Z if fine with the place. It happens that everytime we’ve gone it’s not been really busy. First thing in the morning, perks of being awake early, or later on in the evening. We always get chips and he’s happy enough looking at himself in all the mirrors! I bet he would like the soft play there but I’m not brave enough to leave him! Today we watched the digger whilst eating chips. 

As ikea is in Cardiff, I’m rubbish with my directions and if I’m heading for smyths toy store I end up at toys r us! Today after ikea we stopped by smyths I knew that one after making many mistakes before! 
Normally Z will come in, either run away or scream and it’s back out. Today he walked up and down each isle, after lining all the pigs up first. He took everything in, he stopped, he picked things up, he inspected them and put them back. He didn’t put back a vehicle from bob the builder, he had two and they weren’t being left. He handed me the one as if to say yea, open, I know I get to keep it! He stopped at another one where cars become  dinosaur some vetch toy, after looking at them all he took the dinosaur one.  He continued to walk up and down them until the last one, he got half way up turned around and headed to the check out. At the checkout were surprise eggs. So his toys went on the floor as he tried to unwrap the egg. We managed to get him to the checkout with his three toys and egg, he really didn’t want to give any of them up. 
It was mad that all we could hear were other parents saying we’ll pick one, or no you’re not having that one too. Both the husband and I walked around with a huge smile on our faces, this was the first time Z took any notice of any toys, never mind carry some that he wanted. Maybe if they were all £20 toys we would have put some back but all three came to around £20 so we let him off. He smiled the whole way around, like a kid in a toy shop should. 
We opened them when we got home, he insisted on carrying them from the car, and he’s played with them all day. They maybe a one day wonder but I’m so proud that he actually picked them. He got what he wanted. They’ve been lined up all around the house and all his vehicles have been found and are all together with his new ones. 
So others may say that I’ve spoiled him I’ve bought him more toys that he may never play with but I call it making choices, life lessons! He was so pleased with himself the grin said it all.

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