Yesterday I popped to J’s for a coffee, with the intention of going for a walk to the local park. Get there and says come on let’s go. 
So we chucks E’s seat in the car, put some fuel in and head off to find the sand dunes at Merthyr Mawr. Seen them on a page off Facebook. So Merthyr Mawr in the sat nav, ( I love my car now has one!) and off we go. 
As this is more of a child friendly blog I can’t even write down some of what J said, when I’m driving down a narrow one vehicle lane in to a village. A pretty looking village, with pet goats in one garden and a pet pig in another. The, what the actual F is that, omg it’s a pig, comment, done nothing for my concentration! (Maybe you needed to be there for that?!) 
So we drive on a little past a bridge and J gets a little too nervous, a turn in the road and we head back. 
We ended up in southern down. ( We think!) 
The tide was coming in, quite quickly, so we didn’t spend too much time walking across the rocks. 
We had a quick coffee stop in the car, Z and J had a drink and some crisps, and off we went walking. Even though Z wasn’t walking far, he’s gotten to the point he can’t do crowds, every time people were walking towards us he was laying in the floor or wanted me to pick him up. 
But he ran with E, they looked at a tree, and what ever was on the floor! 
If I had put Z in his pram we could have gone exploring a little more.
But when it was clear he could take no more and practically run back to the car, all the time with me singing to him, we stopped to look at the water before getting to the car and stopping at Aberavon beach for a little play at the  park! 
Glad we met J and E to go on little adventures with. Looking forward to the summer holidays and where we will end up! 

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