Second year for Z to attend sports day and again I think he loved it! 
Of course still being little they don’t run races, imagine trying to get his class to run a race?! Not going to happen! 
Started off with some soft play, tunnels, balancing disks, hoops, but Z just liked the freedom to run. 
Next up was the skittles, balls  and balloons. All Z was interested  in was the ball pit! Me throwing balls at him and he was saying the colours! 

Next was his fave the parachute, he loved it. To see his face light up and hear him giggle, when those balls were being flung up. Of course he had to get on and lie on it! 

Yes outfit change halfway through! 
All the staff and children worked really hard, not sure who enjoyed it more! Looking back at some of the photos I took today if I hadn’t already written my next post it would have made me start to write one! 
It has to be hard to put together a sports day when you have so many children, children who can’t run being one main one, yet every child was involved, that’s where the parachute and balls and balloons come in to it, sensory. 
Some may think it’s just a ‘fun’ sports day, but the children get lots out of the sensory side, never mind the social, and one thing no one would even think of is the transistions. From going from one sport to the next really is quite difficult for most of these children, they all coped so well. 
So thank you teachers for putting on something that most parents would take for granted when a child goes to school. 

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