Last week was a harsh one! Running on coffee and more coffee, made the little problems seem a very big deal. After last nights nearly 11 hour sleep I feel I can function that bit better this week, I’ll be ready to deal with what ever is going to come my way. I have a feeling it could be a lot. 
Z was turned down last week for a blue badge, in all fairness portage and her boss were fab again, printed letters out for me, even though they couldn’t understand why the letter I had wasn’t good enough. So last night I’m getting every thing ready, double checking I have all letters ready for the council Tuesday morning. All Z’s paper work, are all in one box, nothing else in this box, his letters, his reports the book. Last night as I was getting everything ready, went upstairs and G had taken post up and put it down in the spare room where he plays the Xbox. I noticed the catalogue, when did this come, oh ages ago. With some junk mail and a letter to the parents of Z. Was only his diagnosis letter that I was adamant I hadn’t received. So G was in my bad books, and portage and her boss have my apologies. I’m sorry! G is banned from picking any post up. Hate to say they were from the beginning of September. So when I see them next I’ll be all sheepish. I can’t believe he done it. 
On to this week, don’t have to see portage I’ll Thursday so won’t feel so bad, have his last prt of the early bird filming on Wednesday then off to a funeral, portage Thursday and hopefully vodka Friday! My week is flying by before my very eyes! 
I’ll miss soft play Tuesday and swimming Thursday, but as its now only J and E we can swap to Friday I’m sure! 
I think today is a lining up kind of day.
There are lines of things everywhere, from his dinner of flipper dippers, to ducks and minions. 

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