On Wednesday I was lucky enough to join another four local bloggers at Steinbeck and shaw, in Cardiff . We were invited for a taste of the new menu, both food and cocktails free of charge.  
When I first walked in it reminded me of a bar you’d spend the evening in after a full day snowboarding! I loved the place, took me back to my twenties. 
I loved the waltzer as you walked in, it added a bit of retro! 

We were given five cocktails, one for each of us, as I was on antibiotics and as Cathryn also drove, we had a little taste before the others drank them. 

The cocktails were; 
Passion wagon ( pink and white) 
Coco Bongo, aka holiday in a cup ( one with lid) 
Caipirinha ( small glass under the coco Bongo) 
Disaranno sour ( the next small glass) 
Zombie ( top next to passion wagon) 
My favourite was the disaranno sour, followed by the zombie. Was good that we all had different favourites. 
Cathryn and I had a moctail and  a strawberry milkshake. 

We were all impressed with the drinks. When the food came out, we were stunned! 
There was loads of food, after my allergy tests were still high after keeping off gluten and milk I decided to risk food! I’m glad I did as it was all very nice. 

I liked way they were all in little buckets aimed at sharing. 

We had sweet potato fries, sweet corn, fish, chicken, sticky BBQ chicken wings, onion rings, pulled pork nachos, nachos, veggie burger, and their tasty chips. My favourite were the chips and sweet potato these I could have eaten all night! I could happily sit with a few cocktails and snack on the fries. I enjoyed the fish and the onion rings, I thought the chicken were a little spicy but I’m just weak, no one else thought so! I tasted the lulled pork nachos but I don’t really like pork and BBQ sauce. Corn on the cob always goes down well. 

The motto is ‘Time to pony up’ 

I really enjoyed my evening, it’s lovely to be able to meet up with the girls, have a good chat, and just enjoy the mummie free time. I’m looking forward to a day evening out in Cardiff as this place will certainly be on my places to go. 
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Thanks to stienbeck and shaw for giving me this opportunity to come try the new menu. 
* Prices of new menu will be online soon. 

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