Today we were given * tickets to go and review stickman at New Theatre Cardiff.

I’d checked with the school to see if I could collect him and drop him back off and it was fine. So off we went for a little birthday treat!

He knew where we were going as he was so excited in the car. So me telling him ‘see stickman in theatre’ must have worked.

Getting tickets was a little busy and loud but he coped great, off with a little bounce in his step to his seat. Coat off and a smile that said he was happy.

I didn’t know how they would put stickman onto the stage, as the name says the story By Julia Donaldson is about a stickman who gets used as a stick and taken from his stick family tree.

With just three actors and a family of sticks the story was told.

When it first started with the dancing on the stage Z laughed, for the first time ever he laughed with the children laughing at the side of us. He sat back in his seat and watched with a smile across his face and his packet of skittles in his hands!

So one morning stickman left his family tree, left his stick lady love and their stick children three to go for a jog.

He gets chased by a dog, who actually chased him through the audience which made all the children laugh, then got picked up by a girl who used him as pooh sticks, then a swan used him to build its nest, then a couple used him as a bat for their ball on the beach! Again, the children got to join in with throwing the ball back onto stage.

During each time stickman went on a new adventure there’d be music and dancing, just enough to keep small children interested. I think this performance kept Z engrossed for at least 45 minutes of the show.

Finally stickman gave up in the cold and snow and went to sleep, dreaming of his family tree, his stick lady love and stick children three when he got picked up for firewood. Again the children’s voice was needed to wake stickman up, just in time to save someone very special. When he came on stage Z said santa. Of course santa took him home to his stick family!

I loved how basic this show was, the props used were more than enough to keep children’s attention, the music and dancing was all great. What I’d love was if there was a little more light in certain areas. I think if there was a little bit of flashing lights here and there the parts Z started taking in his surroundings instead he may not have!

I think if you have a child who loves stickman then they’d love this show. I really want my own stickman now! I’m pretty sure Z enjoyed himself as off he went with his stickman leaflet back to school!

Stickman is showing at New Theatre Cardiff, 17th – 20th October 2018, all performances £12.50 – £14.50 , book tickets here.

* I was gifted my tickets in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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