It’s that time again, six weeks holidays. There so much I want to be able to attempt with Z, we tried some last year.

I don’t think we got all of them!

This year in no order

1) Sit in the garden with a fire pit and look at the stars.

2) See if we can climb pen y fan.

3) Watch a sunrise.

4) Watch a sunset.

5) Have a works trip out.

6) Enjoy afternoon tea in the garden.

7) Visit Cardiff Bay Beach.

8) Go swimming in the sea.

9) Meet up with friends.

10) Go on a walk.

11) Paint my fence.

12) Cinema.

13) Find some fireworks.

14) Camping.

15) Have a BBQ.

16) Go to a castle.

17) Try somewhere new.

18) Try bowling

19) Have fun.

The holidays can put so much pressure on parents to have to do things. We have to go here or there. Reality for most parents is they work and things get really expense. For us I’m lucky I don’t work in the holidays but everywhere is too busy for Z.

We can see what we can do.

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