This time next week we’ve made it and as school will restart summer will have finished.

I know we still have a week to get through but each day we seem to be doing something in theory it should go quicker right?!

We know summer is nearly over with the nights going dark by 8:45.

Looking back so far at the summer we’ve done quite a few firsts.
This being helped by our little old camper. It’s far from Disney but it’s allowed us a few nights away as a family, a few nights with just Z and I and a few nights with friends. Think before the year ends maybe a night with friends and no kids!

A camper van and awning in a field with a mini trampoline to the side next to trees.

We’ve visited sunflower fields, both with J and E and my mam sister and my niece. We’ve played in the sea off different beaches, we’ve splashed about in rivers and walked through forests. We’ve joined sparrows aln to the ranch twice, soft play and trampolining is coming up.

Z standing in a field of sunflowers

I got my results for a pass in my foundation psychology degree.

Z and E laying on the wet sand on upper marros beach.

Z has also learned he can run away when I call him which is leading to quite stressful times!

We’ve got a few more places to visit before the end of summer and will have to visit our local beach as we’ve not even been there!

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