Twelve weeks, that’s all we have left of the school term. One more weeks holiday and countdown to the end of term starts. 
Z has come on so much these last few weeks, last week during the school holidays for the first week we had ‘school’, ‘teacher’ and ‘bus’ spelt many times, with the word ‘gool’ and ‘bus’ clear. I think it was the teachers he was missing more than the actual building. 
Yesterday first day back and he couldn’t wait to get in, his teacher said he gave her a big grin and said hello and no, like they’ve been practicing.  He smiled all the way home from school as if it was a yes, I’m back! We had two of the five names of the teachers with big smiles and all shy when I’d say the teachers name. 
There’s been so much progress from Christmas never mind September. I was worried when he went in September, who was his teacher,  how would he be but I didn’t need to worry. They’ve been fab. 
When you see him smile at them, and interact with them you know it’s not just something they do when you are there, it’s obviously the way they are all day, they have a bond that not all children are lucky enough to experience with their teachers like Z is. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s not many children there, or just the teachers have that way that other teachers don’t? I can’t say they have more time than others because they don’t, you see how challenging some children are when you are there. They have some patience! 
Looking back to this time two years ago when I was toying with mainstream I’m so glad that one person said no! Don’t do it. I’m glad I said he would go to SEN school there is no way mainstream would have coped with him, not the other way round. He don’t fit in to the whole let’s learn a letter a time they wouldn’t know what to do with him! He would have gotten lost. My nan actually said to me this week I’m glad you didn’t put him in mainstream, he’s come on so much being down there!
We have many new words. These are since the last time.

  1. Bird
  2. Sheep
  3. Pig
  4. Duck
  5. Horse
  6. Dog
  7. Cat
  8. Donkey
  9. Micky mouse and mouse
  10. Timmy time 
  11. Open 
  12. Cake
  13. Bounce
  14. Jump 
  15. X two/ three teachers name 
  16. Bus
  17. Carrot 
  18. M ( cousins name!)
  19. Cherry 
  20. One – 10 
  21. Snake 
  22. Broccoli 
  23. Lemons 
  24. Night night
  25. Splish splash
  26. P ( grampa name!)

There’s most probably lots more that I can’t even think of, so all in all I’d say we’re up to around 100 words which considering he didn’t really have any this time last year is amazing. 

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