We’ve been up early today, Z decided 6.45 was awake time, normally it’s anytime between 7-8, so 6.45 is early! I understand there’s loads of you out there, who, would consider 6.45 a lay in! We had our breakfast of milk and toast. We’ve had a small snack of Easter egg chocolate, Sunday is as good a time than any. We’ve done jigsaws and played.
I said to Z after getting dressed, ” Do you want to go and play on the swing in the garden?”. I don’t expect a yes or no, I just hold his hand and walk him to the back door. Today, he looked at me, he, for the first time knew what I was saying and headed to the back door. It’s more he understood swing, not play in the garden, as the swing is in the back garden he could have gone to front door to play in garden too.
Now, as I’m sat here, Z snoring away, who wouldn’t go to sleep being pushed in the sun.
Something, so simple as a
question on what Z would like to do, and him answering is proof that he is getting better. He may not communicate yet, but hopefully it will come in time. Now to move a sleeping Z to his cot……

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