I can’t believe we’ve finished the first term back already. Next term will be the Christmas concert!!

We don’t have parents evening until we go back after half term, but I’m hoping that Z is doing ok in his new class. He’s always happy to go in maybe not so happy coming out half the time!

Apart from the cellulitis issue on week two I’ve not been too worried about him, yes I went into the school, and now hopefully everyone understands how serious it is, I’m still kinda blaming that one not being in his medical records but hopefully it won’t happen again.

A few times he’s come out in his spare clothes so I do hope he’s not regressing in the toileting. At home we’re mastering the poo on the toilet, we’re getting more poo’s in the toilet than in his pants. Some days he’ll wait for a pull up but with them going on later and later he has to use the toilet! We’re not leaving his nappy on him to catch that morning poo either as soon as he wakes it’s off! Hopefully by the summer we’ll be nappy free at night too. It’s a little cold and dark to be laying in pee right now!

In class he kept the same children as last year and I think they all get on really well, I know all kids have their problems but I’m lucky we’ve all gotten to know one another as parents and if there’s a problem we all chat about it and understand. When Z had his party it was lovely seeing the kids all interact in their own way, they all knew each other and were really comfortable around one another. I’m so glad I choose sen over mainstream. Our kids don’t keep grudges!

Z’s making progress in his speech, can often hear him copy the tv whilst listening to Timmy Time, ‘well done’ I love hearing him say that!

This week we were invited to the harvest festival, again I love it I think it’s just organised chaos! To see the kids up singing and dancing is brilliant. The first assembly we went to when he first started Z had numbers and letters, this assembly he didn’t have anything! When I arrived he was sitting on his teachers lap smiling away. It’s good to see him not knowing I can see him as it’s always a good way to judge, I’ll always remember the sports day in his second year, and the way he looked at his teacher then, I knew he was safe. He had that look on him again Friday, happy sitting on her lap as of to say I know I’m ok here she’s got me in this big room with lots of noisy children and parents here. To form that sort of relationship in a few short weeks it does give me hope that with the right person he may have a girlfriend when he’s older! (Who needs to talk right!) when I think he didn’t know her last year. Not sure who’s perfume he always smells of but it’s kind of reassuring to know that he’s being hugged through out the day.

I know from speaking to the teacher at home time they are working on his reading aloud, not sure how he’s getting on with it at school or how much speech he uses in class for requesting either, but hopefully I’ll find out at parents evening.

Now we’ve made it to half term where Z and I are heading off on a little holiday whilst dad stays home as he has work! Wonder what adventures we’ll get up to!

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