That’s 7 weeks done of school, new teacher, staff, new friends of course new normal and a half term of lockdown completed.

I can see my old Z returning slowly, my happy human back. Yes he still has a few meh moments but he’s a kid that’s what happens!

After the first week he was saying his teachers name, and smiling, he’s been communicating via his notes on his phone, mainly I want chips, but it’s a progress we’re working on.

His sleeping is way better, I’m not saying 8-7pm were still late nights and early mornings but it’s much better than 12pm and 3am waking. Of course we still get the 2am starts but with clocks back it’s dark so tends to ‘nap’ 6-7:30.

He’s back to his love of numbers and counting around the house. He just seems much happier in general.

When school send photos alongside his day he always seems happy, yes I’m aware that one photo is a snap shot a two seconds of his day, but I also know Z wouldn’t do something If he didn’t want to and they’d not make him.

It’s like he was when he went into his old teachers class for the first time, I saw a Z that was showing his true colours, what he could achieve with someone who believed in him, it showed and he grew. When school changed the teaching method that showed too. I’ll write about that soon. Z was unhappy, he didn’t want to go to school, nothing else changed, his teacher was still his teacher yet teaching a different way. Now he’s removed from that I can see my happy Z coming back. He’s eating his lunch again, I know his eating is rubbish and that’s different issues altogether m, but to see him now not even looking in the old direction makes it all the more real at how unhappy he was. He’s happy now to leave the house, go for little walk s on his scooter too.

We have a lot of undoing to do. A lot of believing in him again, but I think this teacher can do it. When there’s odd things that have possibly been a miscommunication that’s on the last teacher, the teacher who had him for three weeks. I can’t blame her but how can she possibly know what he could or couldn’t do? As soon as school went into lockdown teachers should have been changed back. But it’s gone now and what’s done is done. Let’s just hope we get to stay in school for the whole year and Z gets to keep this teacher if she’s one of the few that doesn’t teach in the pyramid way.

Happy Z in a stripy coat, on his scooter in a big puddle of water.

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