I’ve said before I love Z’s school, we’re lucky he’s not had a bad teacher yet! I read so many posts about how school doesn’t work kids don’t like it etc, but we don’t have a problem, Z loves going and always goes home smelling of perfume !

This year so far his teacher has got him reading, he’s now on level 6. For a child that’s classed as non verbal this is a huge achievement in itself. I think not only should Z be proud of himself but his teacher for believing in him too.

Back in November when I was saying about him reading words and how do I go about getting him to read two words together or even a sentence his teacher said I’ll have a think. I sent in his flash cards that in knew he could read even without opening them as he could read the level 3 set. At the start he wouldn’t read them but left to his own devices within earshot he did. Along came Christmas and the concert so of course I didn’t expect anything else. January new year and a new book. When his love for ‘Ten little’ series came a book he’d never seen went in for the teacher to open with him and see how he went with a book he really wanted. It went well and he came home with his first reading book.

We struggled getting past the word liked, this was funny and of course Z being Z wouldn’t start from any other page other than the first! He then went to level 3, he flew through it, level 4, again flew though it and now 6.

So thank you for giving him a push in the right direction, Thank you for believing in him and listening to me!

Now hopefully with speech therapy moving in the right direction we will make lots more progress in the next few months!

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