Friends, as I’ve mentioned before I have some amazing  Friends, with the new school year fast approaching I wanted to give a thank you! 
It’s been mainly the four of us for the last two years easily, when I first started at playgroups there were I’d say about ten of us, this quickly dwindled, I suppose a big group of pms ladies, not everyone will get on and agree with everyone! Others started new things in their life, made other friends and like me stopped going to playgroups when others stopped to look, I’m lucky I had the excuse portage was coming! 
But, us four have continued to stay friends, we’ve added a new little one to the group and its been lovely to watch him grow! 
We’ve had some great times, we’ve had some laughs, with and with out the kids! 
We’ve been places, we’ve seen things and it’s been way more fun than I could ever have imagined. You’ve all been there for me when on my struggling days, you’ve given me coffee and vodka. You’ve have Z for me to work, and opened up your houses to a wild child. You’ve supported me on walks and my wild ideas! 
Each child has shown love to Z, never judged him for being different, just accepted him for who he is. D and K who are older have been great, they’ve chased him for me they’ve taken him on rides that I would never have dogged on, so he could join in, and they’ve made sure he can’t get out and they’ve kept an eye on him so he don’t run away, it’s always better to have six eyes on him than two. 
Over the years we’ve had photos taken, we’ve visited margam park, the beach, we’ve gone for breakfast and lunch! We’ve closed the pool, ok that was Z, but it was much more fun with you guys there! We’ve been on train rides, and gone to the park. We took over soft play, and restaurants! We’ve been to open days and seen Santa.  We’ve had parties and gone shopping. In three years this don’t sound a lot, but we’ve had fun. The kids have had fun and us as adults have had fun. Without you guys it would have been a long three years, and I’m sure boring. Z wouldn’t have done half the things he’s done and enjoyed without you. 
Now as the children start their new journey onto school, I know they’ll be part time and Z will be full time but I hope that after school we can meet, can head to the park before winter comes, we can meet up on the weekend, or even just meet for coffee minus kids. Thursday afternoon is good for me! 

making memories

Just a few pictures of all the memories we’ve made from 2015-2016. So thank you H and P, J and E and T and the girls     ( D,K and LJ) and baby T for some wonderful memories. Here’s to the next chapter and making some more memories! 

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