I’m gutted.

It’s February the middle of term and Z’s losing his teacher. I feel that this is all because I’ve been asking about Z’s behaviour. I’m now worried that it’s going to escalate.

The teacher that brought out his words, the teacher that got him to read, the teacher who taught him what friendship is and the teacher who made him laugh.

The teacher who has listened to me, who believed me and believed in Z.

The teacher who pushed Z to do so much, the teacher who helped teach him how to control his emotions and ask for help, the teacher who he’s gotten his love of The nightmare before Christmas from is moving class, the teacher who Z’s calls out for at home during the holidays when he’s sad, the teacher who he idolises, the teacher who makes him laugh, the teacher who’s name he wants to write.

It’s hard every September, but Septembers are known for change and yes I’m sure us parents worry more than the kids, but this is February. We were lucky enough to keep her this year, maybe our luck is now running out? So for the next few weeks Z has a new teacher, maybe even another, and as good as those teachers may be they’ll never be the teacher that listened.

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