Thank you all for watching Z, for trying and possibly many times failing to dress him after he had stripped for the teachers attention!

Thank you for working with him even though he most probably didn’t want to because he only had eyes for the teacher.

Thank you for getting him to the position he is now with his speech and his toileting it can’t be all the work of the teacher!

Thank you for not giving up on him when he wouldn’t dress for you and you had to chase him around with spare clothes and he was just saying call L.

Thank you for taking him off me every morning and bringing him to me when he would let you.

Thank you for amusing me at the school gate!

Thank you for watching him this past year he’s progressed so much, not only with his communication his social skills, his ability to play with toys and not always line them up!

He watches others, he tries to interact a lot more than he’s ever done.

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