It’s already May, 33 weeks till Christmas, yes just let that sink in right now, 33 weeks! 
Anyhow, if your still there, Bank holiday, we didn’t go anywhere today. A few weeks back I moved Z’s room around to stop him climbing on his windowsill, yea it didn’t work, he still managed to get up and under the bed. So last night it was move the bed to where it was originally. Now Z don’t really like change. Things get moved discreetly, the odd toys now and again, so imagine moving a bed room, I can’t! As he’s trying to climb the bookcase to get at the windowsill I’ve put a chest of drawers in front of that. One either side. When he could see what I was doing I thought maybe, just maybe, if some of his toys were in his room it may distract him enough to keep from trying to climb. So that’s what we’ve done. Moved the toy Storage unit to the side of his bed. This will also keep the light from the landing going onto his bed. 
How well do tonight when it’s bed time I don’t know. I’m hoping to bath him and read a story before he goes up and will be tired enough to fall asleep. Wish me luck! 
The good thing is as its Monday I only have two days at work so can finish off those stranglers. 
If I don’t achieve anything else this month I’ve achieved something! 

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