Last night I went to see the opening of Arthur Miller’s The crucible at the New theatre Cardiff. *
Up until a few weeks back I had never been to the theatre, now I think I’m a pro! 
So first off was a musical, then a ballet and now an actual play. This one I had been waiting excitedly for as I knew the story. I covered the play for my GCSE English exam. When I seen this one advertised I knew it was something I would want to see. 
The one thing that stood out for me was how plain the props were. Maybe because of the nature of the play, and the fact it was set in 1692, so of course no fancy TV sets in the bedrooms! The main rotating block in the centre with the erire background worked well. I found I was listening more to the actors, maybe awaiting the music and the singing, which there wasn’t any! There was a little music just to show when people entered this helped keep the seriousness of the play, there were a few times that comedy was used in particular by Giles Corey played by David Delve. 
What I liked about the play last night was it was much easier to understand than the book if you didn’t know the story. The language spoken kept some of the same as the book. 
From the beginning you could see it was based on lies, and how something got twisted and turned, to save themselves. That small little lie got bigger and bigger. What started as jealously and ended in death could have been stopped if he contributed the lie, but staying true to himself and not letting anyone judge him as only God can judge. 
When watching it, it really shows how easily one small lie can snowball out of control. Then who do you believe a group of children or an adult? The children obviously using their vulnerability as a way of getting out of admitting they were wrong. 
John Proctor played by Eoin Slattery, played a good part. The way he knew from the start that Abigail, played by Lucy Keira, was after revenge and his wife dead. He knew he had made a mistake and when he admitted it to save his wife but wouldn’t lie to save himself you knew he was one of the good guys even after making a mistake.
The play is still relevant to today’s world in some way that we are all living in a twisted world, one that’s a lot of times based on lies. Politics takes over and all common sense is lost and in the end innocent people die. 
The Cruicble is on at New Theatre until Saturday 27th may 2017.
* I was given tickets in exchange for my review. 

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