Tomorrow’s date has been dotted on our calendars since December, and counted down since half term. No it’s not any thing big like a wedding, it’s our day/night out. We’ve been excited for our day out like children waiting on Santa for weeks . 

It’s been I’m going to loose x amount of weight before I go, I have x amount of weeks to do it, those weeks keep passing and the scales haven’t moved! But as long as we have a nice new top that fits we’ve all gone passed the stage of caring. It’s just typical that most of us have a nice shiny spot that wants to join in on the fun. 

So, tomorrow, who’s going to cancel at last minute? Who’s going to make some excuse of babysitter left them down? To be honest I don’t care whose not there, the few of us that will be there will have a great time. A time for some adult talk over some bar meal, a pint, a glass of wine, or with a glass of vodka. Shots will come after! Will we miss our children ? Of course, but not enough to go and collect them off the babysitter! 

Today’s topic of conversation is what your wearing? What time we going? Where are we meeting? Whose going? All I know is I’ll be in spoons for 1.15 , waiting to see who shows. 

So for the ladies I know that’s going, A, J, K, L, T, J, F, S, it’s going to be a good day, evening, night . All I can say is poor town won’t know what’s hit it on what would normally be a quiet Saturday afternoon. 

So if you see a group of ladies, ( possibly a tad drunk) come and say hello, it could be us! 

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