The day has finally arrived, those 42 days went very quickly. 
Today’s the day you start nursery, you’ll get off the school bus and your teacher will be waiting for you. You’ll try to run in, with your new shoes, and your new uniform with ( hopefully) not a mark on it, I’d say holding your bag and lunch box, as if that’s going to happen!  I’m guessing you are not even going to look back, you’ll be excited to be back at school. 
I’ll come home and it will be quiet. I’ll sit and have a coffee, I’ll look at the mess you made before school and attempt to tidy it. I’ll be able to put away your toys without you thinking I’m playing with them and want to take them off me, I’ll be able to tidy one room walk into another tidy that and the room will still be clean when I come back! The first room may even be your bedroom! 
I’ll look at the clock and think, what’s he doing, is he having fun playing in the yard, is he being good at diner time when everyone is eating, then at 1’oclock it’ll be back to normal, in two weeks I should be back at work and I know the next hour and half will fly. I’ll be sitting on the bus waiting for you to walk down, with dirty knees and a great big grin on your face, or you’ll be carried down asleep. 
I know you will have fun, I know you will learn lots and I know you will be happy! 
Not sure how many are staying the same, but I know you’ll look after Z, you’ll have him longer in the day than I will. There’s no more playgroups, or soft play there’s just things to be learnt. Wait until he finds out there’s a pool, you best grow fins and webbed feet! I’ll take this moment to thank you, I know how difficult he can be, how tiring and how much hard work he can be, you have more than one to look after and that can’t be easy. But you do it, you are always happy to see him and happy to put him on the bus! You only have 7 more Monday’s. 
There’s only 7 Monday’s, that’s not long before a holiday! 7 Monday’s of cleaning a room a week , 7 Monday’s of finding something to do without my shadow. I’m sure it’ll be fine, I’m sure I’ll find something to do. 
I’m guessing by Wednesday I may even enjoy the quiet, I won’t know myself, when you’ve been up since 3, or awake most of the night, I’ll be able to lay down and rest my eyes at 10.00, I won’t be able to whinge I’m tired any more. I still will though! 
I hope your first day in nursery goes ok, you enjoy it and have fun. This is the next chapter for both of us, you learning where your place in this big world is, and I’m learning how I go about this next part of my life with you in school! We will get there, quite possibly you before I! At least I know I can be at school within about five minutes!  

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