10 days left!

That’s when you return to school.

10 days including bank holiday and the weekend.

10 days to have fun.

Most of the school uniform is bought, school bag, pack lunch bag and new shoes, jacket, don’t think there’s any more. Swim suit do we need new for a new school year?!

Am I counting down these 10 days? Yes!

We’ve done 35 days, I’ll not be lying if I said they were all plain sailing, those 35 days some have been had. The weather again has been rubbish, there’s places I’ve not managed to get you too hopefully I’ll get you there in the next 10 days.

I don’t think we’ve done too badly, we’ve been to the hospital ( I’m taking that two nights as hotel break!), the farm, the beach ( a few different ones), cinema, park, Cardiff and ikea! More than other people have been I bet.

In 35 days you’ve grown up.

You will go back to school a different child. One that now has words. One that now can sort of express himself. One that don’t shut up!

I’m excited what that means for school. Obviously the teachers know how to help you use your words and not use just random words. Hopefully help you learn how to use all your new words to communicate and not just sing songs, count and say the alphabet. Of course I’m still gutted we have new teachers but I’ll get over that by next year I’m sure!

I know you’re ready for school now, you’ve had enough. I’m sure you know school is near, only this week I had school off you, the word school. Then off you went and what sounded like ‘love you, insert teachers name! I tried recording it as back up, just incase we need her back! You saw me and stoped, laughed and went into monkeys jumping on bed.

So we have 10 days left, 10 days to go exploring. One extra day with dad.

Then it’s back to school, back to routine, back to normality and I just like you can’t wait!

Cinema today, not sure what’s in store for bank holiday then we’ll get out Friday with dad. Then it’s back to school week, think that’s when we’ll attempt places with our extra few days off as everyone will be back at school before us!

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