Yes it’s Friday! No it’s not vodka Friday. Only because we’re off out tomorrow. That’s if Z is better, I’m hoping he’s on the mend today as he’s looking for food! 
 Apart from Z and his bug, I’ve not managed to go to work obviously Z can’t go to Creche, I wouldn’t send him to Creche with a bug wouldn’t want the rest of the little people there catching it. So I’ve been spending lots of time at home. I never spend time at home I’m out every day. Again I’m not risking E catching it either. So he’s missed out on everything this week even a party and a photo shoot. Apart from me not taking Z anyplace J also broke her phone so she’s unreachable! I feel like I’ve lost my arm! No texts and no coffee, I’m guessing this is how boring life would have ended up if we hadn’t met J and E! 
 But never mind! I’m sure she can get the first round of shots in tomorrow to welcome me back! 
 The positives to this week are Z has a lovely clean room, with all his clothes sorted too. At least next week is half term, so we should be ok, hopefully start the week off with portage, maybe do something as a family Tuesday when G is off work. Then Wednesday I have early bird filming and well Thursday is just hectic! Poor Z has his flu spray then the dentist, at least on that evening he gets to go and play in the indoor play centre with Nas M. He will be better by then! 
Oh wow what a week I’ve had and what a week to come. 
 Last night as Z was sitting here with his IPad and blankie, he’s not let them go much this week, he’s also still kept a firm eye on Pluto, his dog he had for his birthday, it’s never too far from him, just not quite up there with the blankie and iPad. Anyway, last night he tried feeding Pluto his biscuit. I’d say this is down to S portage as she asks him to feed the doll it give the doll a drink, he’s taken notice with a real biscuit. 
When I watch Z on his iPad I wonder, lots of children with autism love the iPad, is it to do with they are controlling it? They know what’s next? Maybe that’s the start to another post ! 

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